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With qb Horoscope you will always be in control of your own destiny! Simply call qb Horoscope to help you through your daily activities and to show you how to be more successful in your life, your love and your business.

Our daily horoscope service will become an invaluable guide as you seek to make the very best of yourself.

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How to Subscribe

Dial 1385 (subscriber will receive an SMS notification upon successful subscription)

Options Provided by qb Horoscope Service

  • "Current Day" horoscope – Press 1 in Main menu, then select desired Zodiac sign.
  • "Next Day" horoscope – Press 2 in Main menu, then select desired Zodiac sign.
  • Unique characteristics of each Zodiac sign – Press 3 in Main menu, then select desired Zodiac sign.

How to Unsubscribe

  • Dial 1385 (and listen to the voice prompt)
  • Press 4 to unsubscribe

Fees for service

    • Subscription fee: $0.02 per day (Daily auto-renewal if account balance is sufficient)
    • Service fee: Standard ONNET calling rate ($0.01 per minute) applies

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Year of BornZodiac number
Rat 1
Ox 2
Tiger 3
Rabbit 4
Dragon 5
Snake 6
Horse 7
Goat 8
Monkey 9
Rooster 10
Dog 11
Pig 12